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Posting your video to the COURSE blog

1. Export your file from iMovie

Go to File > Export
Choose CD-Rom (or option that gives you file under 65MB); You'll have to compress with Media Mill if your file is larger.

2. Visit FREEVIDEOCODING to help you embed a player for your video. Otherwise, the blog will give you link that requires viewers to download your video.

Instructions for freevideocoding:

1. What king of file? Choose QUICKTIME
2. Publish the Media
a. Enter file location (this is the http address from your uploaded file, COPY from upload html pop-up window)
b. Choose to EMBED player or EMBED from Image (examples below)
c. Select NO for enable autoplay (autoplay automatically plays your video when someone visits the blog; this is annoying!!!)
d. Choose YES for Display controls (this allows viewer to pause, stop, rewind & play)
e. Choose NO for support this site w/a link (if you don't want it to say freevideocoding.com at the bottom of your video)

Here's an image of the selection window:


Here's an example of an Embedded Player:

If you choose to EMBED PLAYER from an IMAGE, you'll have to:

1. Upload image to blog (to give it a http address)
2. Copy http address
3. Paste that into freecoding site

Here's an example of LINK to an EMBEDDED PLAYER from an IMAGE:

So, be sure to write in your text Click Image to Play

3. Log into the COURSE BLOG
a. Open a "New Entry"; Select the Category MEDIA: Our Projects
b. Copy and paste the html code from freevideocoding
c. Type any text (you can add a synopsis, excerpt from your reflection paper, or anything you want to include with your video)
d. Save the entry