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REFRESHER: How to post video to blog

1. Export your file from iMovie

Go to File > Export
Choose CD-Rom (choose an option that gives you file under 65MB, limit for our blog uploads)

2. Visit FREEVIDEOCODING to help you embed a player for your video. Otherwise, the blog will give you link that requires viewers to download your video.

Instructions for freevideocoding:

1. What king of file? Choose QUICKTIME
2. Publish the Media
a. Enter file location (this is the HTTP address from your uploaded file, COPY from upload html pop-up window, ONLY WHAT IS IN BETWEEN THE QUOTES)
b. Choose to EMBED player or EMBED from Image (examples below)
c. Select NO for enable autoplay (autoplay automatically plays your video when someone visits the blog; this is annoying!!!)
d. Choose YES for Display controls (this allows viewer to pause, stop, rewind & play)
e. Choose NO for support this site w/a link (if you don't want it to say freevideocoding.com at the bottom of your video)

Here's an image of the selection window:


Here's an example of an Embedded Player:

If you choose to EMBED PLAYER from an IMAGE, you'll have to:

1. Upload image to blog (to give it a http address)
2. Copy http address
3. Paste that into freecoding site

Here's an example of LINK to an EMBEDDED PLAYER from an IMAGE:

So, be sure to write in your text Click Image to Play

3. Log into the COURSE BLOG
a. Open a "New Entry"; Select the Category MEDIA: Our Projects
b. Copy and paste the html code from freevideocoding
c. Type any text (you can add a synopsis, excerpt from your reflection paper, or anything you want to include with your video)
d. Save the entry