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It has been such an amazing class! I started the class getting a little overwhelmed with theory and praxis, but at the end of class I really feel that I have learned so much. I really enjoyed this class because I got to exercise my photography and video production skills, and really learned a lot about editing and other technical aspects of media making.

Also, a funny thing about my videos, I made a name "REEL Change Productions." Mainly just for fun, because I'm sure somewhere someone else has it copyrighted, but underneath that title is always ".adila." which Arabic for just. I kept forgetting to explain, but it was a constant reminder that I have another purpose to make media - even though one video might be all about my trip to New York, that word always brings me back to my original passion for social justice and my goal to make media to reflect that.

Thank you all for sharing and listening this semester. In the beginning I felt like I wasn't very connected to any of you, but as the year progressed and we made ourselves vulnerable to each other by sharing our stories, I felt so much closer. It was really challenging to open up and share things at times for me, so when you all were so receptive and supportive, I really felt at ease and comfortable in class. Thank you all for pushing yourselves as well and not doing things the easy way or choosing the superficial story, you all challenged yourselves with the tools and content, and that really gave me inspiration to push myself as well.

I really think that I want to shoot a documentary after taking this course, well, I kind of knew that I wanted to make some sort of media for a larger audience in the near future, but now I really have a realistic grasp on everything that shooting a documentary would involve. It's so cool that I learned so much in this class, and it's actual stuff that I really will use! In terms of theory I really learned to rethink my motives for doing something and it really gave me a reality check to make sure that I make media in something that I am personally invested, or it will show in my work that I wasn't. I learned that I'm never going to be perfect, and I'm still not okay with that, but I'm getting better at accepting that as soon as I release a video, I'll find something else that is wrong. This class really let me explore my techy side, which I love! Sitting in the lab was amazing for me because love producing electronic media and it was great to be actually challenged with computer difficulties for once, and I got to learn how to use a MAC more, which is awesome because now it's on my resume as a skill. :) Finally, this class really inspired me to be true to myself, my sources and my story, and when I'm uncomfortable or feeling especially challenged that I need to own that and grow from my experience.