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Final Thoughts

This course was actually pretty well-timed for me. It stressed the bejesus out of me every time I had to do new project, but when I finished, with every project I did, I really was proud of myself. I also feel like it was the first time I actually got a chance to study foundations of feminist art. To me, when I think about “feminist art? Judy Chicago’s “Dinner Party? is actually one of the only things that comes to my mind. I’ve never thought about constructing anything of my own, either, simply because it seemed out of my realm of capabilities. I’m proud of everything I did. I really did learn to make a statement, I think, by the final project. That was my real attempt to say something political.

I also got great feedback from other class members. I wish the course lasted longer, because there were pieces that they implemented that I wish I could put into practice myself. I can, but I would like to be able to use music the way that Bethany did. I always stuck to one or two songs, but the way she incorporated different music to fit different feelings in her pieces really shaped things well. Obviously, everyone has a different way of editing and incorporating pieces, and I really enjoyed seeing everybody’s final projects. I think, given more time together, we all could have grown a great deal.

I know that my future doesn’t consist of anything particularly media related. However, I am a GWS major, and I’m not sure those issues are directly related to my future, either, and I intend to maintain principles I’ve learned throughout my undergraduate career. I have imovie on my mac, and I want to use it as a recreational tool. I also know that youtube is a safe-enough outlet for me to use if I want to put things out there. I might pursue something with the first project I did; I’ll work on it some more, but a friend recommended submitting it to a treatment organization of some sort, and once I feel it is up to par, I think I will do something with it.