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Final Thoughts

This class has been a real eye-opener for me. I decided to take it because I thought it might be a good link between my theatre major and GWSS minor. I didn’t expect it to be something very unique to what I’ve learned in either department or something that I would enjoy so much. I was always just interested in all the topics I’d learned about in GWSS classes, but now I feel like I have an outlet to actually be involved in the dialogue about the issues and the issues themselves. I’m glad that I have a media knowledge that will allow me to contribute to the community in my own way, and allow me a creative outlet that stage managing for theatre simply doesn’t. All the organizational aspects of my “job? are so rigid and structured I was so glad to find an environment that allows me to play and be creative and feel like I am being heard, rather than the invisibility of being backstage during a show and the rehearsal process.

Creating media makes the theory of GWSS seem doable. It also makes the technological trend in theatre within reach for me. I’m so grateful for this class which finally has pulled me into both of my departments in a more tangible way. I’m so anxious to start my job in the lab and have it be open with my schedule and have lots of time with those tools and to help others to use and explore them as well. I registered for a Video Technology class with the theatre department as well, so I can have more in depth skills and techniques for the actual filming process.

I’d also really like to thank my peers in this class, you really kept me interested and driven to create things that would impress such a talented smart group of people. I wish we could have had another class together in which we could have had more discussion.

Thanks so much for this class Rachel, I beat the dead horse already, but it has really made a big difference in my college career.