February 16, 2008

Is ANYONE paying attention?

Every Christmas at my mother's home while we are opening presents, she puts the TV on the channel that simply shows a fire burning in a fireplace and every once in awhile someone puts another log on the fire. The channel makes little sense (Especially because we have a huge wood burning fire place going in the room) but I suppose is meant to be a cheery background scene. The reason I mention this is because I was at a bar in St. Paul this past Monday night with friends from my work when I noticed the background scene on the TVs at the bar.

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February 15, 2008

My Media Viewing

My media viewing the past week has been very atypical. Considering the fact I’ve had mono and haven’t left my apartment since Friday except for a trip to the doctor, I have had very little exposure to advertisement. There were two movie previews on one of the DVD I watched. There was one advertisement on the back of my Netfix envelope. I had one piece of junk mail. There were goofy little advertisements on Facebook and Myspace. However, the amount of times I was willing to crawl across the living room floor to the computer desk was very limited. Needless to say, this was atypical media and advertisement exposure.

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February 12, 2008

Oh, I'm a little ashamed of my media habits...

The media I encountered and chose to see on Friday and Saturday probably had a little tunnel vision thing going for them. I was on the crew for the University Dance Theatre production and also went downtown to see the live performance of Sweeney Todd at the State Theatre. Any media I chose to watch was Sex and the City episodes that I have saved on my computer after downloading (not with the U’s internet!).

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my my media

I consume media for the majority of my waking hours.from the time I wake up and check my email to when I go to bed nursing my baby while reading my iPhone. The media I encounter is both chosen and unchosen. I see advertisements and signs in the outside world on billboards and bus shelters and passing buses and newspaper stands, and bring media into my house via the Internet and my phone and magazines and books and TV.

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Media Watch

This assignment should have been easy since lately I have been watching more television that is warranted for. No, seriously, I have developed a problem. However, I have grown so immune to ads that I barely (consciously) notice the majority of them. The ads that I notice are usually ones that I have an extreme criticism with, and these Ads usually come into attention if they in anyway "resemble" me (dark skin black women with natural hair, then I go “yay? even if these women were trying to sell me rocks) or deal with issues that I care about.

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So I thought I had become immune to the media.........

I thought I had become immune to the media. Not the immune where it doesn't have the same effect, but immune to the point of where I had no interest in becoming close with it. I have convince myself over the past few years that media is a waste of my time. I used to read the newspaper daily, but now even that I had become to busy for. And now I am the busiest I have ever been. I work about 50 hours per week, take 18 credits, and play a sport for the University. And recently I made the All-Minnesota Rugby team, and add the new boy on top of that and you can imagine what my life is like. Sometimes I feel as if I have no time to breath, let alone watch the media.
But this was not quite the case.

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My Media Log

*Feb. 9th
4pm: Watched “Jersey Girl? on Netflix (instant viewing)
6pm: Watched CNN cable news and read the MN Daily during dinner
9pm: Watched random news shows on TV and then caught the last 45 minutes or so of Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp version).

*Feb. 10th
4pm: Watched “Glory? on Netflix (instant viewing)
6pm: Read the MN Daily during dinner
7-10:30pm: The Grammys on CBS

*Feb. 11th
1am: Watched “California Suite? on Netflix (instant viewing)
10am: Started “Bus Stop? on Netflix
11am: Kare 11 “Discovering MN? during breakfast
12p: Read/skimmed through the Pioneer Press and the MN Daily
9pm: Read online news at and watched NBC Nightly News
11:30pm: Continued “Bus Stop? on Netflix

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February 11, 2008

You all are cordially invited

You I just wanted to invite everyone to part one of University Pro Choice Coalition's Discussion Series. It is on Wednesday February 13th at 6 pm in the WSAC office which is room 202 in Coffman. Our first issue we will be discussing is Roe v. Wade. In the coming weeks we will be talking about international abortion rights and men and choice. There will be cookies and juice!

Also on Valentines Day please stop by the tables in Coffman. I will be tabling for NARAL Students for Choice. We'll be giving out a bunch of condoms, lube, candy, valentines, and other fun stuff. Come spin our contraceptive prize wheel. Oh Yea...and Starbucks is donating coffee so stop on by and get a lot of free stuff! Thanks!

My wonderful media-filled weekend

I decided that this Friday and Saturday would be interesting days for me to take a closer look at how I consume media and exactly my role in media consumption and distribution. I don't watch television that much and I mainly just listen to my iPod and run around Minneapolis/St. Paul all day. So I figured most of my media consumption is done via posters, billboards, city buses, etc.

My day started out on the bus downtown to volunteer at Pro Choice Resources. One of my favorite things about going to PCR is the location. Déjà vu, Sinners, Sex World, etc. all are within a 2 minute walk from the offices. So here I am surrounded by images of half-naked women and bright neon lights on my way to PCR.

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Media Watching

The perhaps most important or surprising information that my media journal brought to my attention was the more unusual places that I encounter media.

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But...I don't want to!

I didn’t want to do this. I mean, I really did not want to do this. I planned it out. I was going to take the weekend to media watch. Then the weekend actually hit, and I became suddenly single. Who wants to go out after that? I didn’t. I wanted to sit in my bed, jumping back and forth between hugging a velvet stuffed shark/whale and sitting on my couch with my computer in my lap facebook/myspace stalking. It turns out, though, real life still exists. And it also turns out, there were pieces of media to take into account in and out of my apartment.

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Do I really watch the media through TV shows and theatre only?

My media consumption has been mostly through TV shows or theatre. After keeping the log of my day-to-day media consumption I was so amazed by the amount of media taking that took place in my everyday life such as through advertisements, magazines, newspaper, flyers, Internet, t-shirt, vans, cars, buses, and etc. Even though I said that, I mostly consume media through TV shows or theatre but that would be actually wrong because in today’s world media watching can been seen in almost every part of our life like in radio, ipods, banners, bumper stickers and the list will go on and on.

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Do I Eat Everything I See?

I look around my own room, and there it is. Chevy's attempt to promote their new concept Camaro as my favorite transformer, Bumble Bee stands proudly by it's side. I see this as I play around on the internet while listening to satellite radio. Media is a present as oxygen at this exact moment. It just makes me much of this do I actually take in?
As I ventured out to class, there are left overs from caucus two days prior. Students proudly walking around bearing the sticker that screams "HILARY '08" or "OBAMA". I forgot how liberal my college was...
When I finally got to my class (after freezing my face off) I pull out my planner and notice that this thing is covered in advertisements. Money money money...

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How do I watch media?

These days, I mostly watch media on my computer. I download TV shows (usually as torrent files; sometimes through iTunes), and then watch them on my laptop or my mp3 player. I still rent DVDs of movies and TV shows, but not as frequently as I used to.

My media habits are strongly affected by my budget (somewhat meager), and also by my friends' habits. I love watching movies in the theater, but it's expensive, and I find it hard to agree, with friends or with dates, on a movie for which we're both willing to pay upwards of $9 to see.

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February 10, 2008

Watching Myself Watch and Read

My media consumption is mostly self-inflicted and well targeted, and I digest the things I see and hear through an instinctively feminist lens. As I make my way through my last semester of a GWSS major, I cannot stop myself from asking what is feminist and what is damaging to women and minorities as I consume media. I look at the roles people play, especially in ads, and I assess the ways that different types of oppression are manifest.

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media consumption

i was incredibly shocked at the fact that for basically every minute of my life, i'm pretty sure i am consuming media. to realize that there are messages being thrown at me from the time i wake up, to the time i go to bed (and probably even in my dreams!) is a little frightening, and it really makes me aware of how much affect the outside world has on my inner thoughts.

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February 5, 2008

Assignment 3: Media Watching


For this assignment, please complete steps I - III, detailed below.

Part I. For 48 HOURS, I want you to KEEP A LOG (date, time, location, form of media, details about content, your response) of your media exposure (things like all the ads on bus benches or the video screens in the bathrooms at restaurants/clubs downtown), and the times & places that you choose to watch media. (Note: This could be a great basis for this week's reflection on your personal blog.)

Part II. Reflect on your media watching log. How typical was your viewing during these 2 days? Consider your normal media watching habits: How do you watch / view media? In theaters? On television? Do you rent DVDs and watch on a laptop while riding the bus home? Do you have a video Ipod?

How does who you are and where and how you watch, affect what you see, how you see it, what you "read" and how you understand media and the world.

Part III. Post your answer(s) to the prompts on the COURSE blog, give us some excerpts of your log, and reflect on your interaction(s) with the media by NOON on Tuesday, 2/12.