December 4, 2007

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I am a Feminist Studies Phd student in the DEPARTMENT OF GENDER, WOMEN, AND SEXUALITY STUDIES at at the UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA. I am minoring in AMERICAN STUDIES. In my everyday I am a mother, a filmmaker, a hip-hop feminist, an activist, community organizer, and that go to girl. I am most known for my documentary NOBODY KNOWS MY NAME, distributed by WOMEN MAKE MOVIES, about women in hip-hop.

I have a B.A. and an M.F.A in Film Directing from the UCLA SCHOOL OF FILM AND TELEVISION. I have taught video production at the University of California, IRVINE and Los Angeles, and in the WOMEN AND GENDER STUDIES at MACALESTER COLLEGE. Currently, I teach at IFP Center for Media Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota.

My areas of interest: feminist film, video, and digital media makers, women of color feminisms, feminist media studies, personal narratives, digital storytelling, feminist photography, and feminist praxis used for social justice. Plus, I love technology, and teaching with technology!

Course Blogs
@ UMN:
  • GWSS 3390 SPRG 2008
  • GWSS 3307 FALL 2007
  • GWSS 3307 SUM 2007
  • WOST 3307 FALL 2006
  • GWSS 1001 SPRG 2006
    @ IFP Center for Media Arts:
  • Intro to Video Production -
    Learning the Techniques
    FALL 2007
  • Advanced Video Production -
    Shooting the Short Film
    FALL 2007
    @ Macalester College:
  • WGS/AMST 194
    FALL 2005
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