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Has feminism changed your life?

I had experience with feminist theory before taking this course because I had previously taken courses that addressed feminism. I am a senior and a GWSS minor. At the U, I have taken Feminist Thought and Theory, Women and the Arts, and a topics class, AIDS in Society: Change, Activism, and Policy. I am also a Cultural Studies major and have taken many classes in this department that address feminist theory and issues such as: The Body and the Politics of Representation, Sexuality and Culture, and Issues in Cultural Pluralism. I have found that the American Studies Department has great classes for studying women’s issues world-wide. I don’t know if this class is still around but Comparative Gender and Sexuality focuses on feminism and women’s issues on a global scale and analyzes the trafficking of women on a global market.

I truly fell in love with the study of power structures through my major and began to concentrate my studies on issues of sexuality and how normative thinking manifests as social discipline and law. Last year I worked independently with a teacher on a paper entitled Construction of the Beautiful Body: A Study of Agency in Feminine Body Hair Removal Practices. I hope to publish this paper in the near future.

The goals of feminism lie in thinking outside dominant patriarchical paradigms and are not limited to women gaining equality with men.

Feminism is not dead.
Feminism is a battle that can be fought by all sexualities and genders.
Feminism is the struggle for a space in society created by women for women.
Feminism opposes the defining of women in relation to men.
Feminism acknowledges that “the women’s struggle? is different for all women.
Feminism understands that women are not necessarily united in feminist goals by their gender.
Feminism believes that the structure of women’s domination is influenced by race, class, sexuality, gender, nationality, and physical location, along with other factors.

“Has feminism changed our lives? Was it necessary? After thirty years of feminism, the world we inhabit barely resembles the world we were born into. And there’s still a lot left to do? (Baumgardner and Richards, 9).

The fact that we are all in this class, that college students can earn a degree in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, and that women on a large scale are able to attend college at all is evidence that the feminist movement is only just beginning.