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I am...open

Hey, my name is Tony. Being open is a very broad statement, but it is what best describes me. I love to try new things and am willing to do just about anything. I am very hard working, but am always open to do something with friends. I think that every person deserves to find a life that is enjoyable, and if they havent yet, then they are not looking hard enough. A class like this allows me to be open with my opinions and learn alot from other people. I am looking forward to a semester with people I'v never met before with opinions that I may have never thought of before.


That's awesome that you're from LeMars. I don't know many people from that area that go to school up here. I'm surprised that you didn't go to the University of Iowa.....that school is a lotta fun! Yeah we might have to get a tv for the games this March for class. I'm rooting for my UNC Tar Heels all the way! I'll never go against them. I'm sure you'll see my jersey of Hansborough a few times coming up here too. haha