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" This isn't the Spice Girl doll!!! :( "

So I used to like the Spice Girls. A lot. I really wasn't a huge fan of Barbie. But I liked Baby Spice. A lot. I would get Barbies all the time as gifts and throw them in my closet, never to be played with. I remember one year, I got a really really ugly Barbie. It was hideous. I believe it was like the "workout Barbie" which came complete with a mini pink boombox stereo and some awesome neon sweatbands. Yeah. So anyways.

This was the year that those Spice Girls dolls came out, and I wanted one so bad and my whole family knew how obsessed I was. So Christmas came along and I opened all my gifts and no Emma doll. My uncle finally brought out my last gift, wrapped in a rectangular shaped box, just like most dolls were. I was so excited! I ripped it open and saw the back of the box; Emma Bunton, Baby Spice!! I turned it around and inside was that stupid ugly doll I could have sworn I tossed out over a year ago. That's it, all my hopes and dreams of having the beautiful little doll I wanted for so long were gone! I didn't know how to explain to my uncle that this was not the doll I wanted! (Yet I was still confused why I had the box but not the doll...duh..)

He went for over 3 days pretending that he thought this was the doll I wanted. I was miserable. Little did I know that he just simply replaced the two dolls and hid my Emma in his suitcase. Well, I finally got my doll and got poked fun at for over 4 years about the little incident.

I don't know if it was pointless, but my whole family got a good laugh for a few years about how obsessed yet gullible I was, so maybe you will find some humor in it too :)

P.S. I still don't like Barbies. But I still have my Baby Spice Barbie doll.