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A day at the beach

Bitch Niggaz and Sistas & Hos was a bit on the educational side for me. It is a couple of things I have always kind of silently questioned and it was good to see a formal definition, if you would call it that, said aloud. The rap industry is full of so many controversies that the public doesn't even know about. So when there’s a huge music event like the Urban Music Awards happening and 50 cent refers to Ja Rule as a bitch nigga, the public is definitely going to wonder what is going on. I think that the term along with others is just a part of the industry and should therefore never be normalized. Although it may seem highly offensive, each word on their own is thrown around so much in the industry that together they lack significant meaning. However, I think that the lack of respect being shown is more of a cause for concern. Both rappers have contributed a large amount to the industry and for one of them to do that on a big stage demonstrates what kind of person he really is. Now I may be wrong about the whole thing because I admit that I’m not familiar with the whole story behind it, but this is just my opinion from the very short piece of the film we saw.
As for the piece on Sistas & Hos, I think it’s laughable that the women believe it is ok for others to be called ho’s until it refers to them, in which case it is unacceptable. I do, however, believe that the way the men at the beach treated the women was ridiculous. They acted as if they were the shit of the place and the women were there just to please them. I thought it was pretty weird when the men were asked to define the difference between a sista and a ho and they could not clearly say what it was. When they finally sputtered out somewhat of a weak response, it was absurd. It sounded to me as though a sista was someone they would not have sex with because she wasn’t attractive to them, and a ho was every other woman with whom they would have sex. This way of thinking is completely unacceptable and if they were to teach their children that, then our future is looking pretty pathetic.