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A visit to target.com

For this blog post I decided to check out target.com to see what the dolls looked like and how they were sold on there. Once on the website they have a toy tab that you go to. On this tab many toys come up and there’s a doll link that you click on to see all the dolls the store sells. The first thing I noticed is that the most popular dolls were on top and that not until the middle of the page did the ethnic doll link show up. There was a black doll on the front page of the doll section though, which kind of made up for it. It was just kind of interesting to see that they didn’t make it at the top with all the “normal white? dolls like Barbie.

The second thing you notice is what all the dolls are dressed like and what comes with them. It seemed like all the female dolls were dressed as the world portrays them such as dancers, nurses, teachers, and housewives. A ton of dolls were babies as well which kind of makes it seem like all the girls are supposed to do is practice becoming a mother. It was also very hard to find male dolls unless they were portrayed as athletes as well. They definitely didn’t help with the social norms that the world has with what women and men are supposed to be and do when they grow up. I’ve never really looked at dolls this way but it was somewhat surprising to see how they actually looked and where certain ones are placed to get the most attention. I guess I myself didn’t get too affected by what I saw and kind of expected that was what I was going to see. I could see how many people could be offended by what they see when shopping for dolls though. There’s not many ethnic dolls out there for sale and the ones that are out there construct this norm of what the guys and girls playing with them should be when they grow up.


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