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Amazon Designed for GWSS Critique

I’m almost convinced that amazon.com structured their toy section for the sole purpose of this assignment. They are just asking for someone to come along and do a feminist analysis! First of all, the main category page had a link for “Toys for Girls? and “Toys for Boys.? Granted, they must categorize the toys to make shopping more efficient, but by placing them under these labels, they assume that all girls like dolls and pink things, while all boys like burly action figures and video games

The “toys for girls? were mostly dolls, and the entire first page of dolls displayed represented Caucasian figures, with the exception of Dora and one African American dollhouse. The boys’ page was predominantly video games, with some dinosaur or rocket-themed toys and a “build and discover? workbench. This reminds me of a topic that one of my psychology classmates researched last semester. She was looking for an explanation for males’ greater success in the science fields. She found out that it goes all the way back to the way parents explain phenomena to their children. Parents give more scientific explanations to their male children, which carries over into their interests and abilities as adults. By marketing toys such as a “build and discover workbench? to boys, Amazon reinforces these norms and supports a culture which gives boys the scientific advantage.
Race disparity was also obvious: most of the front-page items were Caucasian. This must mean that there is a more lucrative market for “white? toys, which reflects the privileged economic status of white people in general. However, when I searched for ethnic toys, I found there were 178 results for “African American,? 204 for “Asian,? and only 45 for “Caucasian.? There are a few ways to look at this. It is encouraging to see a variety of ethnic toys being offered, even if they are not as blatantly advertised. However, it is doubtful that “white? toys are actually less common. There are probably many more “white? toys offered, but they are not tagged as “Caucasian? because white is so normalized that it does not require a label.