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April 21 - Latin American Feminism

New Directions in Latin American Feminism
Saturday, April 21
125 Nolte, 315 Pillsbury Dr SE
This will be a one-day workshop to discuss the new challenges and new directions that the pluralities of feminisms are taking today in the Americas and how are these challenges are shaping new theoretical approaches.

Participants will engage in dialogue with four distinguished guest panelists and with each other as we address recent perspectives on feminist cultural theory in/about Latin America and discuss the new directions that Latin American(ist) feminisms are taking or need to take in the re-articulation of feminist practices.

Sara Castro-Klarén, Johns Hopkins University
Jean Franco, Columbia University
Amy Kaminsky, University of Minnesota
Cynthia Tompkins, Arizona State University

Questions that will frame our discussion include:

The appropriation of new theoretical frameworks by feminist criticism and theory- in particular postcolonial and transnational approaches and the new directions that these perspectives are generating in the already existing pluralities of feminist positions in Latin American feminisms.

The new challenges for the feminist literary and cultural studies.

The impact of new models and theoretical frameworks on the possibility of imagining new identities and communities and in their representation.

The new debates in cultural studies and their effect in Latin American(ist) feminisms, in particular in relation to literary studies and cultural critique.

The role of interdisciplinary approaches to the consolidation of new dialogues, new languages, and new practices.

The impact of globalization in current feminist studies in/about Latin America
Free and open to the public, but we ask that participants RSVP to spanport@umn.edu to assist us in our planning.