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Bam's Unholy Union

Bam’s Unholy union is a reality show on MTV. It is similar to shows such as Newlyweds except with Bam Margera and his fiancé Missy. Bam is a pro skater who is most famous for his crazy stunts and TV shows like Jackass. In this series Bam and Missy have to plan their wedding in a very short period of 3 months. Most of the work is put on Missy as Bam doesn’t want to have anything to do with planning the wedding. The episode I watched was titled, “Off With her Shirt?. In this episode Missy is approached by playboy to do a celebrity guest photographer shoot of Missy by Bam. She decides to do the photo shoot as a gift to Bam for their wedding. Missy wants to do the shoot her way but Bam assures her that it doesn’t work like that. Bam’s Unholy Union airs on MTV Tuesday nights at 8:30. It is produced by Sonar entertainment, MTV series entertainment, and Bam Margera Productions.

Bam’s Unholy Union is directed towards teenaged boys. Bam being a pro skater and kind a buddy figure is appealing to younger boys. The commercials are also aimed at the average MTV audience which is that younger high school aged people. Commercials for shoes or Axe body spray which is depicted as attracting flocks of women are aired during the commercial breaks.
Bell Hooks talks about equality in a relationship each partner should treat the other with respect. Bam is constantly disrespecting Missy. He does things he know will bother her or hurt her feeling and feels that her can “win her back? usually by buying her something. There is not a lot of equality in Bam and Missy’s relationship. Bam does nothing to help Missy plan the wedding and actually makes it harder for her by messing things up and making last minute changes. He also brings his friends along on things that he shouldn’t and they act like children. Whatever Bam says goes. Missy is forced to do all the work but if he decides he doesn’t approve of her decisions they are vetoed and she has to go back and change things. Bam also does things that he know bother Missy. In this episode Bam takes Missy’s Ugg boots off her feet and throws them into the fire because he doesn’t like them. She is obviously upset but he doesn’t apologize and says that he can “win her back?. He is constantly doing mean things and then trying to make up for things by buying her stuff.
Women and men’s roles are very divided into stereotypical gender roles in this series. The men are shown drinking, fighting and playing. The women are shown cooking and planning weddings and having girls night type events. Then the boys end up coming in and messing up the events. Missy is viewed as an object at times or just Bam’s fiancé. Even in the title Bam’s Unholy Union only Bam’s name is present. Bam is the only one who is mentioned in the title even though it takes two people to get married.
They also use sexuality to sell the show. Missy and her friends go to a lingerie shop to look for things she can wear for Bam on the Honeymoon and wedding night. They shop and look at things such as crotch-less panties. Missy is also dressed up in lingerie to do a playboy shoot for Bam. When the Playboy crew arrives Bam asks them if the “no boob? thing is an issue, since Missy does not have the largest chest. This seems to imply the a large chest is what make women appealing to men. They assure them that they have their “tricks? which will make Missy’s chest appear bigger.

This show is being marketed and directed towards young males. However it is not giving them a good idea of what an engagement or other relationship is supposed to be about. In “Night to His Day? : The Social Construction of Gender, it states “The pervasiveness of gender as a way of structuring social life demands that gender statuses be clearly differentiated.? (Feminist Frontiers p. 47) This TV show is illustrating to young mean a stereotypical view of a man and a woman’s role in an engagement type relationship. Young boys are looking up to Bam who is a pro skater which is something a lot of young boys really think is cool . It implies that women are supposed to do the girly things and take their clothes off to impress their partners while men don’t have to do anything other than buy them presents when they make their partner angry at them. It is not ok to intentionally make your partner angry for your own amusement and then just buy them back.
As talked about in the article “Humiliation, Subjectivity, and Reality TV? Bam and his friends use humiliation as the basis of their shows. “the object of humiliation must know s/he is being humiliated and the perpetrator must be willfully exercising that power? Which is the exact thing that Bam does. He will either convince his friends to humiliate themselves or he will subject them to humiliation. He does this to his fiancé as well in a less direct way. He will embarrass her by brining his friends around to do stupid things with him in front the people she is trying to have serious conversations with such as the wedding planners and other people working on the wedding.