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Beyond Beats and Rhymes

After watching the few clips from the documentary "Beyond Beats and Rhymes" I realized how much I see gender roles played out in my everyday life, but I never noticed them because they are such a social norm. “Gender is so pervasive that in our society we assume it is bred into our genes. Most people find it hard to believe that gender is constantly created and recreated out of human interaction, out of social life, and is the texture and order of that social life. Yet gender, like culture, is a human production that depends on everyone constantly ‘doing gender’? (Judith Lorber, “Night to His Day?: The Social Construction of Gender, pg.41). This quote really helped to sum up what was happening in the video.

Gender performance is the social norm. Everyone has an idea, usually the same, of what is a typical women and man; how women and men should act, dress, walk, talk, and what they should look like. The men in the video were following the stereotypical norms that men should be tough, strong, and can be very sexual without it coming off bad to women and especially other men. You could definitely see that the men were following their gender system:the system in which males and females, as groups, promote their sexual identity, in direct relation to society and culture, in which, there are certain expectations that result for predetermined forms and stereotypes of male and female behavior, actions and values. The video was at the set of the BET spring break and many of the women were dressed very sexy, showing a lot of skin, however they were at the beach. The men would lift the girl’s dresses and skirts up and then take pictures and videos, some would get upset but then some would act like it was normal and not really criticize the man for doing that. I feel that partly those women were bringing it on, even though it was a spring break party, they were not on the beach swimming or lying out, they were walking the streets. If you do not want that kind of attention you could cover up a little. Both sexes in the video were following there gender roles. “It seems as though the small, the graceful, the unpredictable, the nurturing, and that which is owned and/or controlled by men represents the feminine, whereas that which is a controlling forceful power in and of itself primarily represents the masculine.? (Laurel Richardson, “Gender Stereotyping in the English Language,? pg.100)