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Beyond Beats and Rhymes

I think that the film "Beyond Beats and Rhymes" by Byron Hurt does a very good job of demonstrating what the average male will think of the average female when he is given the opportunity to say what he really thinks. Many males seemed to make a distinction that there were only two categories that females could fall under: either she is a "slut" or she is supposedly "pure". To them, there is no in between, so if you are dressed in any way that appears sexual at all, you are automatically a slut. Most of these guys were referring to women in bikinis as "hoes" because apparently they would not dress that way if they weren't "hoes". Never mind that they are at the beach, and as one person already pointed out, what else are women supposed to wear at the beach? There were plenty of guys at the beach in swimming trunks with no shirt on, but nobody labels guys as dressing for sex and that the only reason they are wearing that is for sexual attention. In “White Privilege and Male Privilege� by Peggy McIntosh, she talks about how men are more privileged than women without either knowing it or wanting to admit it. (pg. 12) Society is set up in a way that men can act the way that they did at the beach in this film, and not have to worry about any consequences. The police said they were there to make sure no one got raped, and that was it. No one stopped any of the guys when they were harassing the women, because it was socially accepted. If women were allowed the same freedom and privilege that men have, I think there would be a less men harassing women, simply because they might know how it feels to be harassed and to feel like there is nothing that you can really do about it.