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Bitch Niggaz

I really enjoy all the video clips that we watched in class last Tuesday. Among those clips, I find the one that focused on masculinity in Bitch Niggaz the most interesting. In that clip, one can clearly see the many different gender concepts that we have been discussing about in class. For instance: gender performance and the need to fit so badly into the specific, predetermined gender roles were extremely obvious in that fairly short movie clip. Men were being aggressive and acting very superior toward their female counter part. Sensitivity and emotions were the two important elements that were definitely not tolerated. Their behaviors are what bell hook would considered to be part of the “patriarchal male domination� (pg 84) that she desperately wants to break. Similarly, what surprised me the most was the fact that the women in that clip actually believed that the men’s behavior and words were tolerable unless they were being directly aim at them. What I also found ironic was the way the women behaved. They knew that it was a hip hop event; it was a place where men come together to do nothing else but to check out other women. Thus, the women still attend. They even played into the expectation by dressing very provocatively and also did nothing besides serving the mere purpose of being looked at. Yet, they got angry when there were things said or unwanted behaviors that were not to their liking. In other words, considering the context of the event, knowing the situation and what are expected, why would one even attend? I’m not saying that these women deserved the consequences but certainly, one cannot say with conviction that these women are purely innocent either. They come to the event playing into their expected part, so can they really blame anybody for the treatment that they received? It’s just like adding oil to the fire. These women are really not exactly helping to prevent that fire from spreading.