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Bitch Niggaz

In the clip we saw in Beyond Beats and Rhymes clip on “Bitch Niggaz� the dialogue was the most shocking because the men talked about the women very bluntly and harassingly. The men split women into sisters and bitches. Sisters were the friends or mother of his baby, whereas the bitches were the women who are bound to be a baby’s mama r someone sexually active. The men use the language as if it was no big deal. The majority of the assumptions of names were designated by the appearance of the various women. The women were dressed mostly in short shorts and bikinis, pretty standard beach attire. I wonder if the women were of a different race, especially white, if the response would have been different. If the women were not colored would they still have been categorized as sisters and bitches? Would there me more respect for women in general if this dialogue did not exist? According to bell hooks appearance obsession is the result of an “industry of sexist defined fashion�( page 33). If we did not have predetermined ideas about fashion, created predominantly by men, would this dialogue exist? This whole idea about the ideals of fashion being created by someone other than it pertains to seems a little out of the ordinary to begin with. I grew up in an area where high fashion essentially did not exist. I grew up in a farm house, with farm neighbors. My high school was made up of mostly farmers. There were only two black students in my school, one was adopted by a white family, and the other was an exchange student. This dialogue would have shocked the people of my community just as it had shocked me. When I moved here to the cities, I realized how much of the world I was naïve to. Is it the genre of music’s fault? Can we solely base it on the lyrics and the hype of hip hop?

I thought this clip was quite interesting because of the dichotomy that was created one again, not by race or by gender, but by appearance. Dichotomies are present everywhere.