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I took a tour of the Bratz website and found myself feeling a little disturbed as I left the site. I was never exposed to Bratz as a child because they weren’t around yet, but my 10 year-old sister has many Bratz so I am very familiar with them.

I started my tour at the homepage. The dolls that they are advertising on the main page are the vast majority the dolls with white skin and blonde, brunett, or red hair.

Next, I went to see who the Bratz are. I found eight different Bratz: Breeana (red hair and white skin), Cloe (blonde hair and white skin), Jade (black hair, their Asian Brat), Yasmin (olive skin with brown hair), Sasha (the African-American Brat, with shiny black hair), Dee (white and blonde), Lina (white with bright red hair), and Charlie (white with brown hair). Among these eight girls, only two are of varying ethnicity; one is African-American and one is Asian. Sasha, the African-American, has long and shiny black hair, the exact same type of hair as the white Bratz. I don’t know a lot about African-American’s hair, but I’m pretty sure this is a misrepresentation because most African-American women don’t have long hair that is easy to move. They just have different types of hair than most white women and this is definitely not represented in Sasha.

Another thing that made me upset were the pop-ups on the website when I clicked on one of the links. When I tried to click on one of the links to the retailers of Bratz, before I could leave the “Offical Bratz Site!? there was a pop-up that said “Are you sure you want to leave? Until next time. Take Care. Keep it real. and above all BE BEAUTIFUL!? Wow, first of all these aren’t even complete sentences which is teaching young girls poor grammar, but more significantly I can’t believe the stress and emphasis they put on being beautiful. It’s like they’re saying that looks are the most important thing in a young girl’s life. No wonder the young girls these days worry so much about their looks. Another pop-up was while something on their site was loading and it says “Please wait, it takes time to look this good.?

All-in-all I was sickened by the idea behind the Bratz. The dolls have tons of make-up on and are all dressed in very suggestive outfits. This image in itself is disturbing that they are trying to tell girls that you are cool and sexy if you have a lot of make-up on, are skinny, and have sexy cloths. The other thing that upset me was the messages that the website was telling the girls about how being beautiful is so important. I used to look at my sister’s Bratz and think they were cool, but after thinking critically about them my opinion has changed.