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Create your own doll!...mhmm

FAO Schwarz is one of the oldest leading specialty toy retailers in the world. They “seek out smaller and more specialized vendors, who provide the creativity that supports a vibrant toy market.? I am intrigued by this toy store and seeked out to find out how they categorized and gendered their own dolls. On their website, Fao.com, I found a brand which allows you to create your own doll. I decided to check this out!

The first step was to choose your doll's skin color. The choices are light, medium, and dark. I find it a little ridiculous that these are the only choices and their choice of words for a description are simply shade of a color.




The next step is to pick the color of eyes for your doll. If you chose a light skinned girl, you can choose from either brown, grey, blue, or almond but if you chose a medium or dark skinned doll, you could only have brown or grey.

Then you can pick the color of hair. The first option is blonde. With blonde hair, your doll can have either silky smooth hair, pigtails, a playful pony, girl pixie, or funky flip. With brown hair, your doll can only have silky smooth or sassy shag. With red hair, pretty pigtails, girl pixie, and sassy shag are the options and with brunette hair, silky smooth, pigtails, and playful pony are the options. But with black hair, mop top bob, playful pony, and girly curly are the only options.

I noticed that you could only have curly hair with a dark-haired doll but I know tons of girls with curly blonde hair. I feel that the designers/makers of these dolls are making some huge generalizations about what a girl should look like. They assume that if a person has dark skin, it should have dark eyes and dark hair and don't take into consideration of other ethnicities or special characteristics. I don't understand why people think that the generalizations are what beauty is, or why children are constantly being taught such huge differences between races. To me, children should be able to create whatever eye color with whatever skin color and hair color and style. That is beauty.