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When I was little Polly Pocket really fit in your pocket. She was a very small doll that lived inside a makeup compact type thing. This made it easy to bring her everywhere but there was also a limited amount of things you could do with her. I think it is probably best that they have made her bigger because she was easily lost and not good for very young children. I visited Target as well as the Polly Pocket website to check out the new Polly.

Target’s doll section filled up several of the toy section. Polly was a small portion of this. I noticed that most of the more expensive dolls were at a low eye level and all of the ones which were on sale were at a more adult eye level. Most dolls were dressed in pink and had light skin and light straight hair. The Polly Pockets were about a half of row and no different than the rest of the dolls in how they were arranged by price and looks.
On the Polly Pocket website it is obvious what the companies idea of being girly is. There are several areas of the website to visit and play games. The games include things like playing dress up or styling Polly’s hair all of the hairstyles to choose from are longer and straighter hair. You also have to choose what type of clip to put into it. Some other activities on the website are decorating Polly’s room and picking out what is out of place in the kitchen. It is obvious of what this website is pushing as things that are girly. All these things are what girls are getting to play with and thing of as things that women do like their hair get dressed and hang out in the kitchen.
The racial diversity of the Polly dolls was also very limited. There was only one darker colored girl that was offered. Most of the differences in the dolls had to do with the color of their hair. The darker girl was also always shown in the background instead of the main character. There was also on only one boy doll that I saw available.
These dolls seem to be implying the gender roll of how all women should fit into this fashion and designer loving while also enjoying the kitchen and using animals as accessories. They could do better by giving Polly some more diversity in activities as well as in the race category