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FAO Schwarz


I visited the FAO Schwarz website for this assignment. When the site first came up, I was amazed that all the items featured were advertised with pictures of white children and babies. The featured toy on the bottom of the screen said, “Create your own Madame Alexander Doll Today?. There was a white girl holding a line of dolls- all of which were white. I clicked on the link to begin creating a doll, and the description read, “You can choose from skin, eye, and hair color . . .?. Really? Can I? Because according to what I can see and what you have made very obvious (the enlarged picture from the last page), I can/should only choose the white skin color. Hmm…

Next, I started clicking on some of the specific options to check out from the long list on the right side of the screen. I made it about five items down the list before I had seen any kids that were not white. There was an overwhelming ratio of white to non-white children modeling the FAO Schwarz toys. Also, I was sickened by the prices of these toys. Toys for children that are way too young to need or appreciate expensive gifts like these. Parents and kids of the lower class might as well be counted out as far as those who can shop at FAO Schwarz. For example, I clicked under the headline, “Luxury gifts? and discovered that a Dance-On piano costs $250,000. That’s a pretty penny to spend on an eight-year-old. Other gifts such as Digital Jukebox with iPod connection, Jennifer Delonge Ava Microsuede Chair and Ottoman, and Grand Victorian Mansion only confirmed for me the fact that this toy store targets the upper-class; the rich and sophisticated. Lastly, this toy store clearly supports the normalization of gender by depicting girls with dolls and boys with toy cars.


Are you kidding me? First of all, don't bother to respond to this, because I will never read this page again. But get a grip. Toy companies and advertisers don't get together and talk about how they can slight the african Americans, and make them feel unwelcome in their stores. What they DO happened to do, is look at their demographics that are currently shopping in their stores. If the customers at FAO Schwartz are 95% white, and 4% black, and 1% Mexican, I don't expect 60% of their advertising to feature Hispanic kids. Its not realistic.

Why are you sickened about the prices? Because you can't afford them, but they're for kids? Who cares? They're not for all kids. They're for kids that come from families that have hundreds of thousands of dollars in excess cash for their kids toys. Are you offended by the price of a Ferrari? Because chances are, you can't afford that either if you're complaining about toy prices.

It's all about the market and what it will withstand. If people wouldn't buy a $250,000 toy, it wouldn't be sold. Period. But it will be bought, and it will remain. If they are all exported to India, I'm sure there will be more ads featuring Indian kids instead. Stop blaming the toy manufacturers for things that the market has created. They cater to their audience, you should too.

Err...what color is the doll on the far right?

but anways the life's sense is not "fashion" even if the first doll is white.
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