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Film Response

Im responding on the film Beyond Beats and Rhymes. I couldnt believe that those men treated those women on the beach the way they did. If some guy came up and grabbed my butt I would freak out. I wouldnt just keep walking and just brush the act off. It also really bothered me that those girls when asked didnt have a problem with what rappers talk about in their songs. I actually do like Rap. I do listen to it, quite frequently, and most of the time sing along with the radio. When I am doing that the words dont mean much to me. Im just having fun singing along like an idiot! But, its when I see the music video along with the song, I get very frustrated. I guess I just dont understand what the point of women dancing around half naked, taking their clothes off, and smiling and laughing because they are being referred to as "bitches" and "whores". It bothers me because nowadays music videos and rap songs are getting worse. And if the women on the movie didnt think that those men were referring to them, then little girls growing up now are going to think even less of themselves because of these songs. And after seeing this video in class it really got me thinking about how women are always the target of sexism.