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Film Response

The clip that we watched in class that interested me the most was the one about sistas and Hoes. I personally don’t listen to a lot of rap but I am not offended by them referring to women as bitches and hoes. As the girls who were interview said they weren’t offended either. Maybe it should be more offensive but it just seems like more of a way to differentiate between different types of women. Hoes obviously don’t get the same respect as sistas. They made it seem like Hoes were something they wanted to just have sex with.

This was kind of dehumanizing and the women maybe should be able wear what they want but they know what kind of attention they are going to get when they go out dressed that way into a situation where it is not as appropriate. The clip actually made me think of a line from a Dr Dre song that says “you can’t make a hoe a housewife?. A hoe is not the type of woman you would want to marry. I feel that when they refer to woman as hoes it is women who don’t appear to have respect for themselves so how can guys respect them. It is not just about how you dress, sistas could dress to look good to guy but in a respectable way. I don’t think there is any excuse for men to dehumanize these women for any reason by molesting them. They should not grab at them no matter what they wear. You would think that when he women dressed like the women in the videos who are being groped they might realize they guys watch the videos as well and might think that its alright to grab at them. I think that these videos that the artists are representing are creating these gendered sexual scripts as talked about in The Social Construction of Gender: “Gendered sexual scripts, the normative patterns of sexual desire and sexual behavior, as prescribed for the different gender statuses. Members of the dominant gender have more sexual prerogatives; members of a subordinate gender may be sexually exploited.? (Feminist Frontiers p. 49) They are getting these ideas that women are just there to dance and shake their ass’s for men.