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Flim Clips Response

In watching the four different clips that we saw in class this week, I feel each one touched and affected me in a different way. Instead of choosing just one of these clips, I have decided to look at each of them and evaluate why they were significant to me.

The first three clips we watched were from the video Beyond Beats and Rhymes.

The first clip, “Bitch Niggaz,� it showed me how insulting it really is for a man to claim that another man has feminine qualities. This is surprising because I feel that it isn’t the same if a woman would tell another woman that she has manly qualities. In some contexts it may be insulting to a woman but in other it may not. I don’t feel like there would be any circumstances where it would be complimentary to a man to claim he is woman-like.

The second clip, “Sisters and Bitches,� reinforced how much men encourage each others inappropriate behavior. During this clip, a guy grabbed a girls butt and she got upset about it and was confronting him. The other guys around didn’t stand up for the girl at all, instead they gave the guy who grabbed her but high fives. How is the dichotomy between males and females ever going to change if it is being encouraged by our peers?

The third clip, “Tough Guise,� really reinforced to me how men feel they need to stay in their manly “box.� This is a disturbing fact that society has these two “boxes� that are “acceptable� for people to fit into. While this clip showed how men feel they need to stay in their box, we can’t forget how women are also being forced by society to also stay in theirs. For example, “women recruits in the U.S. Marine Corps are required to wear makeup—at a minimum, lipstick and eye shadow—and they have to take classes in makeup, hair care, poise, and etiquette.�(Feminist Frontiers, Lorber, pg 47) Can someone please tell me how this takes place? Perhaps it is the fact that the military has a strong history white supremacy and male dominance? These white males have an idea of how women should look and so they will only let women attend their academy if the women fit into their mold.

The last video we saw, Middlesexes, was one that really disturbed me. This movie just showed me how wrong the mindset of the doctors who assign gender is. They say, “gender must be assigned immediately, decisively, and irreversibly� (Feminist Frontiers, Kessler pg58). Why should someone’s gender be decided so quickly before they have even developed at all as an individual? I wish that society would form a greater acceptance for transgender individuals.

All in all the clips we watched this week were disturbing but effective. This is something that I haven’t given much thought to in the past but I now feel much more educated on the topics.