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G.I. Joe- A Real American Hero


As much as I enjoyed Polly Pockets and other dolls when I was younger, I decided to look at G.I. Joes for my doll report. Before going onto the G.I. Joe website, I checked out Polly Pocket, Bratz, and Barbie websites and the difference between the websites were striking. For example, the Polly Pocket website is purple and pink with flowers and “Pol-la-la-Polly� music. It is equipped with games such as “Jewel Hunt� and “Groovy Lagoon� and “Fab-tastic Garden�. The G.I. Joe website is mostly black and green with pictures of tanks and a heading that says “You decide how Sigma 6 takes out Cobra!� The games on the website have nothing to do with jewels or gardens; they are “Viper Reef� and “The Venom Pit�, much tougher than the games in Pollyland.

It is obvious just by the websites layouts that one is geared towards girls and the other towards boys. As far as the actual dolls, or “action figures�, there is not very much variety in sex or race. As far as plain old Joe, he is blond with massive muscles. He has the characteristics of the stereotypical male, tough, strong, and big. He seems to not have any kind of a “girly� side to him, his only concern being fighting. His teammates such as Tunnel Rat and High-Tech, they differ from Joe in hair color but skin color and muscles are the same. The only action figures that seem to differ in appearance are the members of the “Sigma 6� a new group of G.I. Joe that specialize in innovative technology. A lot of the Sigma 6 look Asian by the clothes they wear and the weapons (such a Samari swords) they carry. However, most of the Sigma 6 and the bad guys have face masks. Along with the action figures there is a section of “role-play toys� on the website intended it seems to turn little boys into big, strong macho men like Joe. The G.I. Joe’s are marketed for boys and gives them the example that men must be big and strong in order to be cool, like G.I. Joe.