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Groovy Girls are Dreamtastic!


Groovy Girls are an interesting looking doll that my sister used to go crazy about. I thought it would be interesting to see how their online store was set up. They are the “wildly popular soft dolls with their own unique sense of funky style�. On the main page there is a lot of flash animation, big flowers, and attractive looking dolls. Everything is animated and inviting you to come and dance, chat with friends, or take photos! The possibilities seem endless, and I haven’t even entered the site.

To actually buy the doll, you must go to the Manhattan Toy website, which opens in a new window, allowing you to continue all of the fun activities on the groovygirls.net site. When I click on the Groovy Girls section at the top of the site, the banner claims that their “products encourage girls to celebrate their own unique personalities!� On the side banner you may choose from these categories: Dolls, Clothing, Furniture and Accessories, Pets, Groovy Girls Mini, Dreamtastic, Petrageous, All, and New. In the Dolls drop down list, there are Girls, Boys, Super sized, Poseable, and Fun packs. My first impression was, “Whoa, cool, Groovy Boys!� Then I clicked on it and realized rather than the 46 options under girls, I can only choose from Josh or Dylan under the boys. I have slim pickings!

The dolls are very eccentric; no dolls are quite the same. The Dreamtastic Girls represent many of the images of women in our dream and fantasies. You can choose the Bride, Bridesmaid, Flower girl, Ballerina, Fairy, Princess or Mermaid, none of these girls which come in any race other than white. There are other people of color represented in the Girl section under Dolls, here there is quite a large variety of hair styles, skin colors, and outfits. Sexuality is not addressed.

My overall response to these dolls is that even though there are boys represented, they are only two boys and both of whom are white. The girls come in a much wider range, as they should. 2 out of 25 Groovy Girls Mini is available as a doll of color. The proportions are terribly skewed.