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I "Love" NY

The show that I watched for my “reality TV� assignment was I Love NY. New York was a character competing for the love of Flava-Flave, a rapper who starred on his own reality TV series The Flavor of Love. In The Flavor of Love New York fell in love with Flave, but he chose someone else other than her twice. After rejecting her, he helped her produce her own show that would help her find true love. In the show, New York chooses from a pool of about 20 men to find the one who will be the love of her life. In the first episode she gives all of them pet names so their real identities are hidden. They have to compete against one another at different tasks, etc. to show NY how much they “love� her.

Based on the content in the commercials, I would guess that the audience that is trying to be reached with the show is teenage girls. The commercials were for makeup products, restaurants, and other reality TV shows for the most part. There were no commercials for beer, so the main target audience is teenagers, and I would say more so teenage girls rather than teenage guys. A further reason for this is that the guys in the show spend a lot of time without their shirts on and New York is extremely controlling of them, which would have much appeal to a lot of female audiences.

The specific episode that I watched was deep into the season, and only five of the contestants remained. The contestants names were Whiteboy, 12-pack, Real, Chance, and Tango. During the episode, New York invited the ex-girlfriends of each of the guys on to the show. Knowing how much that scenario would make my skin crawl as a guy, patriarchy took a back seat on this episode. New York was able to find out everything she wanted to know about the guys from the people who would be the most critical of them in all aspects. Based on what the ladies said and New York and her mothers’ opinions, New York would take one of the guys on a date at the end of the show before the elimination round.

The first analysis that I will do is on the show in general. I think it is very interesting that the show is called I LOVE NY. There are a lot of things that the guys might feel about New York, but I don’t know if love is one of them, and I don’t know if she is really judging whether she loves them or not. I say this because in the side talks with the guys, most of them will say how hot New York is, and things of this nature, but rarely will they comment on her personality and an emotional connection. Also, I found the names on the show to be interesting while associating the show with love. All of the people in the show including New York have pet names, and anyone watching the show would have no idea a person’s real name. I think it is rather symbolic of the fake and surface level relationships that are built on the show.

Another point of emphasis about the names on the show are their implications as they relate to our class. Whiteboy is a name that emphasizes the importance of race on the show and to NY. Three out of the four remaining contestants on the show are African American. 12-pack is a name that shows the importance of physical appearance to NY, and in society in general. The only other name that caught me was Real. I thought it was interesting how “real� could be judged in the first five minutes of NY meeting him.

The second part of the analysis will be on the episode that I watched. I have to comment on the complete lack of patriarchy and almost anti-patriarchy that existed within the show. I wouldn’t say that there was feminism, but the women that were present on the show had to have made the men feel completely helpless. New York took out five women who the men had all dated for the entire day to learn what she could about each of the guys, and then sat down at dinner with the ex-girlfriends and the guys. As Bell Hooks talk about patriarchy as the unearned advantages that come with being male in a male-dominated society, based on this definition, patriarchy did not exist in NY’s world. The men were required to sweat the entire day worrying about what the girls would tell NY about their hidden pasts. NY was able to find out which ones had omitted the truth. Also, at dinner, NY questioned the guys in front of their ex’s so they had to be honest with her. Finally, if the men were paying attention to their ex’s over NY, she would call them out right at the table. The men were in a no-win powerless situation, and they were put there by the person in which they were competing to love. I thought it was a very interesting dynamic of the episode. Tango actually couldn’t take it and started packing his things to leave because he couldn’t take the lack of power NY made him feel. Granted, NY was entirely rude and over the top, but it just showed that she was going to require at least equality in the relationship with her man, but would probably require the power in the relationship.

The only other mention of anything related to class that really stuck out was the portion of the show that questioned 12-pack’s sexuality. His ex-girlfriend talked about how her parents were sure he was gay, and that he had danced in a gay club. I thought it was interesting that he was the guy eliminated after the show. In his going away speech, he said, “My ex was lookin’ real good when she came on the show so I’m going to go back to NJ to bang the sh*t out of her.� That’s true love for NY on his end for sure!


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