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Intersex Equality

After watching the film in class, I had newfound respect for people that are of both genders. I really felt for the people because they didn't choose this to happen to them, it just did. It hurt that people would inflict pain in these "intersex people's" lives. No parent should have to explain why their young son acts with feminine manner and no child should not accept him or ask him what is "wrong with him?" Or if he is a girl or a boy?

I felt for the young boy whose growing up in a spit household with two other brothers. Life has got to be rough for him and he doesn't even know what is coming in the future. No parent should be saddened that their son has girl-like features and worry about their child being murdered because of hate. Why can't people just respect other people, no matter any issue? Watching the film made you really take in how important things are to our society. Taking into consideration Race, Class and Gender, these are all very dominant and powerful things that are hurtful to many people. You can find cases in each of those categories that people are being oppressed, or dominated by that of another race, class or gender. It hurts me that people just can't be accepted for who they are. That it matters THAT much to us all, to our society and culture.

I also would like to say that in the case of the other man "Judy" who was a girl all throughout his childhood, until he realized something wasn't right. That must have been the hardest decision for the parents? How do you know what they will be like? That it will matter so much? It was great to see that the girl he was dating in a lesbian relationship was able to love him as a man too and be so respectful. Having her support must have been very uplifting to him. I am glad that he decided for himself what sex he should be. What gender he felt he most "fit in" with.

The movie really gave me a new look to people that are unsure, are experimenting and those that are truly happy switching their genders (ie:cross-dressers.) These people will deal with things that the rest of us may never understand and will definitely have more problems. It is similar to White Privelage, and how "black people" feel they are disadvantaged. Gender issues are very much the same way. Homosexuals and transvestites will never feel as privelaged as the rest of the heterosexual people out there. They will always be disadvantaged at some point or another! Hopefully in the next five years our society will begin to overcome their oppression and get over the hate that so many of homosexuals and other races and classes feel.

I think this issue is going to be revisited many times over and over again. The issue of a unisex bathroom, as discussed in class, and why people look at these folks as "different." Normal needs to be re-looked at, because that term doesn't describe anything. The way we act is due to the way we've been raised, the type of culture and class, race we're born with ... and privelages or lack of that. Either way, it was an informative film that taught me a lot about things I didn't know. I have a few gay friends, but I don't know an transvestites and/or lesbians. I can imagine the fight they must have on a daily basis and hope that everyone realizes that they don't need to convert to what society deems as "normal" or "right." Pleasing yourself is the best thing you can do, and if that means feeling better as the opposite gender, than that is the right choice for you.

PS: I Do not have my book because I can't find it, so I don't have any quotes.