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KB Toys

I chose to browse through the KB toys website to see how they organized their site and what they were trying to sell. At first, it seems as if the site is set up based on the child's age and brand. When you clicked on the 'toys & games' tab, the site changed a little bit. When you followed the site to the dolls and stuffed toys link, the first set of dolls that pop up are not very representative. There was only one doll of color represented in the first 15 and all dolls were female with the exception of two stuffed animals and some accessories. One could narrow their search into 'baby dolls,' 'fashion dolls,' or 'stuffed toys.' When you look at the fashion dolls, there are hardly any dolls of color and they are all female. Not many of these dolls looked very life-like at all. They were very geometrical or unattainably curvy/thin. The best part of the 'fashion dolls' search was the sub category on the side bar. You can narrow your search by ethnicity! You can choose only caucasian dolls or only ethnic dolls. What confuses me is why all dolls other than white dolls are under one umbrella term and made into 'those other dolls.' What is even worse is that when you search for only 'ethnic' dolls, white dolls are included in the search too! Even bob the builder (a very white doll) comes up! Even more interestingly, the ethnic dolls have 14 pages of dolls where the caucasian dolls have only 7 pages. I move to say that the ethnic dolls didn't even change the search criteria. That they just included every doll, even the white dolls. Moving past the dolls, when you are at the main Toys & Games page, you can click on Step 2 toys: “Toys That Inspire Their Imaginations.? The Step 2 page was very disturbing. All you can see on the first page are lifestyle dream kitchens or custom kitchens, 101 piece food set or kitchen utensils. In the pictures, you either see no children playing with the toys, or you see a little girl standing nearby. The toys that they are trying to sell are directed towards future housewives and the ‘cars’ towards little boys. The gendering of these toys is sickening. As well as the ethnic dolls’ othering by the website.


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