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The HBO documentary that we watched in class entitled “Middlesex� was very interesting to me. Each story that was shared looked at the issue of intersexes from a different aspect. The video proved that society does not address this issue much, in many cases by choice, and that lack of attention to this issue leaves many people uneducated and very uncomfortable with it.

I thought the story about the young boy who felt so much like a girl was fascinating. It was interesting to hear about this (later in the film) from a biological standpoint. The doctors interviewed shared that much, if not all, of gender lies in the brain, and sometimes the brain and the genitals do not match. People need to realize that this happens and it does not make the individual born this way “abnormal�. From what I have seen and heard, many people are so naive to believe that transgender men and women have sex changes just because they are gay or lesbian or even more ridiculous, for attention.
Our society is so quick to try and make everyone either clearly male or clearly female. We are uncomfortable with anything that doesn’t fit into either of the two categories. We don’t know how to react. This is the reason for the violent crimes committed against transgender men and women that was shared in this film. The case of the woman who was in love with a man serving in the military was especially tragic. When his fellow men found out that the women their friend loved was actually a man, they brutally murdered him. To hear about a crime of such hate makes is very hard for me to understand. This could not make it more clear that we need to address this issue more often in society because hate towards human beings such as this is never justified. We see this kind of hate in racism, sexism, and between religious, political and social sects. The reason for it is never justified, and especially when the hate is over an issue that is not talked about enough, it only makes it worse. Another example of how we are so uncomfortable with the condition of intersexes is the way many medical doctors think when a baby is born with what they refer to as “ambiguous genitalia�. The doctors are quick to declare the baby a girl by cutting off anything that could possibly develop into a penis. But at this point, of course, they are not even sure what the extra skin is; it could be a large clitoris or a small penis. So if they took what would have been a penis and cut it off, the baby that is now a “girl� is going to have a hard time growing up feeling like a boy. I really enjoyed this video very much and I am glad that we watched it in class.