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Mixed Up Ads

dkny ad 2.jpg ky ad 2.jpg

I was paging through an InStyle magazine, looking at all the ads. While there were many brands and products that were advertised, most of them a little pricey, two of them stuck out the most to me as a very interesting contradiction. One ad is for the brand DKNY and the other is for KY Intrigue personal lubricant. First the ad for DKNY, which I will focus on a little more, has nothing to do with the clothing brand. It features a man and a woman looking like they are about to have sex, the woman on the supine to the man, depicting helplessness and subordination to him. The lighting highlights certain features of the woman’s body: her breasts and stomach, focusing on sexual features. Both the man and the woman appear to be in good physical shape, furthering the “ideal body? both for men and women as well as the idea that only these types of bodies are desirable. The only part of the ad that actually shows the brand is on her underwear, in very small print towards the bottom of the page. I think that ads like this contribute to many of the problems in society. Young girls see these ads and think they need to strive to have beautiful bodies, big breasts, tan skin, full lips, so that the “hot guy? will want to sleep with them, because that is of course the goal here right? Not a relationship or emotional connection, but sex.

Which brings me to my advertising contradiction. My second ad is for KY Lubrication. My curiosity was peaked when I noticed that the one product that is sold for use during sexual activity, is one of the few that does not use any sexual images to sell it. Why is that so? All the ad says is “How Valentine’s Day blurs into night.? It implies sex, yet there are no toned bodies, no “beautiful people? on top of each other to sell the product.

I found a website with many different controversial ads from different places, it was an interesting website with a blog type set up. Check it out if you want to see more ads!


Probably your curiosity was 'piqued' rather than 'peaked.'

Just saying...

"Young girls see these ads and think they need to strive to have beautiful bodies, big breasts, tan skin, full lips"

cant have too much of a good thing...