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My Scene's Sex Appeal for Kids

I decided to delve into the world of MyScene.com, a website that a little girl that I baby-sit frequents. I’ve wandered at times where she picks up certain expressions and attitudes that neither of her parents or siblings portrays, and I’ve often figured it was her friends at school that she borrowed demeanors from. I realize after the MyScene exploration, that she has picked up some of her qualities from the dolls she does not even own, but simply visits over the internet. I’m uncomfortable with this.

The website was pretty exclusively geared towards little girls. It is definitely one of the “ethnically correct? doll collections mentioned in the reading, in which four different token colors of skin are supposed to represent every little girl of the U.S. The four main dolls (Kennedy, Madison, Chelsea, and Nolee) each represent four slightly ambiguous ethnicities, white, African American, Latina, and Asian. The white doll is seen the most, as it appears first always as blond, with tan but white skin. The African American doll is seen often as well, with the same long hair but dark this time, blue eyes, and mold, but with slightly darker skin. The Latina doll is seen every once in a while and is described as sassy and flirty much more than the other dolls. She has the same long dark hair and even whiter skin than the “white? doll. Lastly, the Asian doll is rarely seen. She is introduced first in the “Let’s go Disco? doll sets where she is in a set of 2 along with the African American doll, all ready for clubbing.

The most shocking finding, was that if not every, than almost every page referred to the dolls “turning heads?, “catching all the guys’ eyes?, “Get[ting] noticed?, “Need[ing] a sporty cutie to step up to match her?. Appearance was highlighted, but was to be judged on how many boys paid attention to her. This is what is being taught to young girls right now. There were about 30 short little clips of cartoon depictions of the dolls in their everyday life. The “dolls? were giggly, shallow, and lacked personality. They all had the same voice, thought the same things, fought over the same outfits, and crushed on the same guys. Despite the variety in ethnicity, the dolls were all identical.

I’ll touch on the fact that these were definitely not being marketed to lower class children. The dolls were depicted as being obsessed with shopping, clubbing, and fashion. There must be some deal that Mattel (the owners) made with Claire’s, Sketchers, and Mudd jeans retailers, because they were mentioned on occasion and their were links to these stores in the “Fashions For You? page where kids can find and buy the exact same outfits as the dolls. These outfits were mostly, faux fur, denim mini skirts, tub tops, huge boots, and tiny little jackets.


i love bratz

they are awful...and many girls want to be like them...
"the fashion is all".
Is sad

Although the two doll lines are similar in many ways (emphasis on looks) My Scene, Barbie's answer to their Bratz competitor, often causes alarm bells to ring in my mind. I think it has something to do with how the My Scene Doll approximates a normal body shape - so the puffy lips and huge eyes actually remind me of women I've seen who've had collagen implants and eye lifts. It's a bit too close to reality to be funny. The curvy hips and long,long legs also make the dolls seem a bit too sexually aware.

And I have been comparing the Bratz line with My Scene, and Barbie does seem to spend a LOT of time on shopping. The girls with the passion for fashion (Bratz) do spend time doing other things then shopping and hanging out.

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also y would u care about it anyways even if they dont watch it .when they grow up their still gunna b like that cause they have friends n friends teach each otha that same fuckn things.
its not like im tryn 2 teach u anything its just its really nu of yo business 2 do shit like this .
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