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My Twinn: The Just-Like-Me Doll

My Twinn: The-Just-Like-Me Doll is a business aimed at young girls to promote individuality, uniqueness, and reinforcing stereotypes of girls to play the role as “girl? and apply the “girl-like? characteristics to themselves and their dolls. By simply looking at the pictures below, we see how girls are persuaded to dress like princesses, bake imaginary food to satisfy the domesticated housewife role, and play with their dolls that represent them to create fantasies about growing up, always trying to maintain their physical beauty with make-up and hair products, meeting the perfect boy, and making a family.


It was interesting to go through the website and take notice of the propaganda that this company feeds to young girls and their parents (parents = MOM). Like many other doll companies, this particular business has the additional accessories that go along with the doll. What makes it stand out from the others is that not only do they have purses and shoes, it also offers furniture, eyewear, pets, sports gear, My Twinn Toddlers and My Twinn Babies so the dolls have other companions, and even arm casts if your doll should injure itself. If your doll should start to wear and tear, have no fear and send your doll to My Twinn Doll Hospital where they offer services to revive the doll (makeover package, hair restoration, new heads, repainting eyebrows, everything!) And remember it only costs anywhere from $15-$65 to make your doll just like new!

The company also tries to be racially diverse so that the choices aren't limited. There's plenty of different hair textures from slight-wave to loose curls to African-American (a category that is only racially labeled). When observing the skin tones, I noticed that the darkest color of skin was a brown that's pretty light (like Halle Berry) which reminded me of "A Girl Like Me" when they talked about how light-skinned girls are the sign of beauty and dark-skinned girls are discriminated as the lesser beauty.


The clothes have flowers, stars, and anything else that symbolizes what a feminine girly-girl looks like. The options presented when choosing your own doll are intentionally racist where white is always the first option (and white hair, skin tone, etc.) and then descend in order of skin tone (aka dark is at the bottom - always).

Just another way of telling girls that by society's beauty standards, white is always at the top.