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Our Brain-Washed Society

The video I liked best was the one that talked about transvestite or transsexual people. I thought that it was very interesting to see how different people acted towards them including close family and friends. As Judith Lorber says on page 41 of Feminist Frontiers, “We are uncomfortable until we have successfully placed a person in a gender status; otherwise, we feel socially dislocated�. I thought that quote was well portrayed with how the little kid got made fun of in school and how the older women talked about how other transsexuals she knew got treated. It seems like if people don’t know something they get scared and protective for no reason. To actually have the child make the comment about being a girl and that’s all the kids at school should know was very eye-opening. Also, to know that it doesn’t get better when you get older scares me. It’s sad that the world is like that, but it is. It was very refreshing to know that there are people out there that can accept these people for who they are like the couple with the child. She knew what he was and was ok with it even though it was hard at first. Also, the parents were very supportive of their child as well, because they knew that if that’s what the kid wanted they should want it to.

It’s just a horrible world we live in when a women gets beaten to death just because she’s not “normal� in every one else eyes. We need to start realizing that nobody is the same or has the same thoughts and feelings as anybody else. I hate to say it but I don’t think that will ever happen because society has been brain-washed too much. It’s just sad that in a country where millions of people come here to get freedom we never really get it. I just wish all people could watch videos like this one to show them what it’s like and how hard it is for those people. Maybe then could we as a society stop being so scared of someone who really isn’t any different then us at all.


be really careful with all the us and them talk. you are reinforcing the binaries that you are trying to challenge.