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Polly Pocket

I decided to research “Polly Pocket� because I used to play with them when I was little and I loved them. Things are quite different from when I was younger which is really sad. Since I played with them, “Polly Pocket� is no longer a small, pocket toy by an actual doll. Society is always trying to make things bigger and better and toys are no exception.

By making the “Polly Pocket� a bigger toy, the company is able to sell more accessories. The minute I entered the toy site, I was bombarded with three commercials for a “Polly Pocket� (a car and other accessories). The site has many bright colors but the main color is pink. The site has random games you can play with Polly and throughout the games, you are shown things that you can buy for your own Polly. There is a mall where you can buy toys for yourself, give Polly a hair makeover and get her new clothes. There is large writing at the bottom of the screen showing where you can buy toys so there is way you can miss the store!
The main doll, Polly, is a skinny, white girl who is clearly upper class. I searched around the site for other dolls and while there were a few more, there was one doll of color and the rest were white. While I could look like this doll, many girls do not so this toy doesn’t seem like the best fit for many girls.