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Precious Moments Online Doll Superstore

I recently visited the online site of one of the most popular collection of dolls of all time; Precious Moments. Precious Moments can be collected by women of all ages. The larger dolls on the website were dedicated to younger girls. The pictures of the dolls at the top of this sub-site were of blonde-haired "Texan Cowgirls" As I scroll down the page, there are no longer pictures available, only links to some additional white dolls and a few ethnic ones. With the purchase of a doll, you can get an additional doll for free. The company will send a doll of what they call "overstock". Under the link to see the overstock items, there are multiple pictures of Asian, African American, and Latina dolls, oh and there are a few American dolls. The smaller ceramic-like dolls that are directed toward older women are also available on a different sub-site. These pictures show dolls of all ethnicities doing different jobs or chores. The jobs include: nurse, teacher, student, secretary, banker, waitress, a little girl washing dishes, ironing, folding laundry, and playing with a cat.
Growing up, I bought my mom countless numbers of precious moments because she was an avid collector. I really didn't think too much about it when I bought them, but now I see that the dolls are marketed in the wrong way. I thought by now that these invisible barriers separating men and women of different races would begin to diminish by now, but I guess I was wrong. While speaking to my girlfriend, I found out that she had the Precious Moments dolls as a kid. She said she always would pick out the ones that looked like her (white, blonde straight hair). What the dolls were wearing also played a large factor when choosing dolls. If the doll had a pretty dress on, then she would have to buy it. Little girls today are looking for someone to idolize. Manufacturers realize this and supply that demand with a doll that looks similar to most girls today.