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race exhibit

For the scholarly event, I attended the Race Exhibit at the Science Museum Institute. I find the exhibit to be very interesting and informative. Obvious from the title, the exhibit’s main focus was to examine the issue of race. It brings forth many aspects as well as information about race. Through its wonderful technique of integrating modern technology and history facts, the exhibit really does provide its audience with the opportunity to examine themselves and how they view others.

There were many topics that I found very intriguing and similar to what we have talked about in class. For instance, one of the station’s topics was whiteness and its privileges. It confirms what we have learned in class. People who belong to the white race do inherit more privileges than others. Also, although those privileges are not as obvious as they were before, they still exist. One explanation that the exhibit was pointing out as the cause of these unfair treatment was simply the fact that America has only been governed by white male. I completely agree with that statement. Ever since America has been established, white is always viewed as the only legitimate race of the country. All the others are merely visitors. Even though that notion is not so blatantly displayed anymore, it has not made any great progress.
Similarly, this idea was also mentioned in another station at the exhibit. It was an interview with one of an African American woman. She was in her mid thirties and one comment that she had said during the interview that I remembered the most was that despite the fact that America is so diverse, none of the races really know anything about one another. She believed that it was because of the “whiteness? belief that still exists in our country today that has put a halt to any progression forward. In her own words, she said: “we only learn about the other race through the mainstream media?. And to her, the media is not a very good source of information since it is controlled by white people. I find this very true. Especially, after we had discussed about in class on media conglomerate. It is still shocking to me on how strongly the media can be influenced. It is such a disappointment knowing that what we see is not what really is happening. It is very discouraging knowing that the so call news that everybody is eager to watch, the very news that was supposed to report nothing but the truth can be manipulated so badly. That very same news has done nothing but bring forth mistaken ideas and wrongful stereotypes against other races.
Another remarkable concept that I have encountered at the exhibit is the event of “White flight?. White flight happens when white people are moving out of their own neighborhood due to the purchasing of homes in that neighborhood by people other than their race. What is even more frustrating is the fact that real estate agent are more likely to introduce their clients of other races to homes where people of the similar race are residing. The reason behind all this is the fact that white neighborhoods are deem to be more valuable than non-white neighborhoods. After finished reading the material, I was very frustrated. How can such a concept ever exist? What difference does it make if the neighborhood is owned by people that are not white? Are they not people? Do they not have a family?
Overall, I am very glad that I went to the Race Exhibit. However, I can not helped but feel sad about the whole issue. It is a fact that racism still exists, it is a fact that white privileges are still happening, yet people are still refusing to accept the truth. It is very discouraging as well as frustrating knowing that up until today, diversity is something that is still can’t be fully accepted and respected by our country. Why must race matter? Why must one check that self restricting square box under the race categories when applying to places? Why can’t one just be looked at based on only one’s qualification and ability? I suppose these are the questions that can’t be answered. Thus, I do hope that by having exhibits like the Race exhibit will enable people to realize more about this ever lasting problem.