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Race Exhibit

The Race exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota is an informative and fun way to teach the community about race. The exhibit being free with admission is also a good way of getting people in that may otherwise not have been as interested in the exhibit. The last exhibit, Body Worlds, seemed more cut off and less accessible. The Race exhibit let’s families bring up the issue of race in our society something that parents might feel strangely bringing up with younger children.

This gives them a different perspective and base for starting these conversations in a fun setting. It is informative and thought provoking for any age however. It raises questions about weather different races are actually that different or if society just makes them seem that way. The exhibit gives a good sections for people to actually converse and talk about the issues at hand in a comfortable setting. The exhibit deals with issues such as oppression and discrimination in our society. It goes back in history and brings up issues of race struggles over time. It demonstrates how far we have come but how far we still have to go with how we look at race in our society. It also demonstrates how we are not different and have all come from the same place despite some of the superficial differences. This is important for people to understand that we are all the same even with the differences in skin color and cultures. We learned about some of this in my history class. We read a book called “Guns, Germs, and Steel? by Jared Diamond, that went back to the when humans evolved in Africa and eventually made their ways to all the continents as they increased their technology and invented things like boats. The author of the book we read in this history class argued that no race was superior to the other since we are all genetically the same. The book went into how different cultures evolved in different directions and why some became industrialized societies like ours and some are very different. This exhibit reminded me of this book. Part of this exhibit reminded me of how everyone originated in the same place. Since we are all the same we should all be treated will equal respect no matter what color or background. I enjoyed how the exhibit used so many methods of delivery. They have things to read things to watch and interactive sections. This seems to me one of the most important exhibits to the science museum in raising awareness and delivering scientific fact to the public. When you first think about a Race exhibit at the science museum it doesn’t really seem like a science thing it seems like a social thing. However they end up using scientific fact to counter some social ideas that people have about race. I think a lot of people are not very exposed to a variety of races and that’s part of the problem. In my high school in the suburbs there were very few minorities and most of the ones that went to the school were shipped in from other cities. Having them shipped in made it harder to identify with them and they seemed to hang out only with that small group that they could identify with. This made it hard to talk to them and understand them. This exhibit is good because the science museum has a lot of schools who come to see their exhibits. This is good for schools like mine were where there isn’t much diversity children aren’t being exposed to race much in a lot of the suburbs, making them less aware and understanding of it.