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Race Exhibit at the Science Museum

For my first event I decided to attend the Race Exhibit at the Science Museum of St. Paul. I knew beforehand that this exhibit was going to be about the different races of the world. All of us have learned about Rosa Parks and how she didnt give her seat up in the front of the bus because her feet hurt. People of different races and colors have been oppressed and discriminated throughout history. Even still to this day, people are looked at differently and treated differently because of their color/race. The race exhibit covered three themes throughout history 1) The Everyday Experiance of Race 2) The Contemporary Science that is Challenging Common Ideas About Race and 3) The History of This Idea In The United States. Race is involved in every aspect of our lives. In social and political issues, health care and education. It is common knowledge to us all that racism is not just inside our heads, we're not just necessarily told what to think, but racism is in fact built into the laws, traditions and institutions of our life. We as people need to also realize racism and the seperation of ethnicities are all man made. I dont like to think of myself as racist, but I do feel some things between races are divided. For example, I do not understand my african american people can call each other the "n" word, however, if any white person were to say that we would be called racist and could be cited for harrasment. I actually hate the "n" word and cringe when I hear people saying it, but its still curious to me that african american people use their "blackness" to essentialy use their power over white people. I do have a one sided opinion, my dad and brother are both, to an extent, racist, and I grew up with that around me. Also, I grew up in a city of about 30,000 people and we could count the african american people in the city on one hand. Thats why I decided to go to the Race Exhibit. I wanted to experiance the views of others, and to learn some history as well.