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Redecorating the Penis

It seems that for the most part masculinity is perpetuated through the demands of attempting to fit in with other guys. While casually talking to some male acquaintances, this realization has furthered itself in that most of these men are aware of this façade of masculinity, yet find it insignificant. Things will never change if the majority decides to look at a circumstance as “just the way things are?. Under the circumstance of masculinity, there needs to be a tremendous shift in how things are. Thus society should begin to see the root of violence from a different perspective.

Because we live, work, and strut in a male-dominated bureaucracy, it’s a very hard task to change minds and shed blinders. When we see an increase of rape and murder in our city, we hire on more officers to hit the streets harder. This isn’t enough; it just costs us more money. “Tough Guise: Violence, Media, and the crisis in Masculinity?, clearly peels away the layers of masculinity, leaving us with obvious attributions to violence. Enforced by peers and males of dominance, these layers begin with the depiction of what “male? is in the lens of the media.
Like femininity, masculinity is a learned behavior. Enforcing this theory, Judith Lorber states, “Individuals are born sexed but not gendered, and they have to be taught to be masculine or feminine.? (46). Ideally, it would be perfect to just not teach gender, to “unlearn? it. Realistically, this is in no way feasible. Gender, to the majority, is perceived to be as biological as growing fingernails, if it’s even considered at all. We assume that by virtue of having a penis you will play football, and if there’s a vagina you’ll smell really good. Gender is an embedded simile to sex. There is a generational teaching of gender roles, which inevitably results in mascul- and femin- inity, and all of the loaded connotations of these words.
So, in the name of violence let’s get off our high horses, retrace our pitfalls, and dispose of that gendered world. In doing so, I have a sneaky feeling we’ll be kicking out most of those dirty things that happen in our world, and we’ll be saving some tax-bucks.