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Sex or Perfume? I'm confused.

I was looking through my Men’s Vogue magazine when I came across a ridiculous perfume ad. I thought it was funny, soI searched online for perfume ads. This is the one I found.


I personally think perfume ads are pretty funny (you know, kind of like Abercrombie ads). What are they actually trying to sell in this ad? Sex? Racism? Objectification? (I have concluded they are selling anything but the actual product). Apparently this ad is selling a perfume called “In Black?. The woman in this photo represents an exotic, untamed, wild, sex object. Having her be completely naked wrapped in a thin string of beads only ads to the selling of her body, not the perfume. The woman is completely objectified in this photograph. Does she have a name or a personality? This ad definitely fulfills the stereotypes of what a feminine woman should be. She is wearing tons of makeup, she is seemingly hairless, thin and somewhat fragile.
It’s interesting that a black woman would be used for this ad. When I think of “in black? I imagine a woman in an outfit that is black. Black is often viewed in our society as sexy and impure. It seems so racists then, to have a woman who isn’t wearing black, but who is black. She isn’t wearing the sexy and impure she is the sexy and impure. The product name is only amplifying her skin color and the stereotypes that go along with black women. I can only assume that the dove represents some sort of virginity or purity, to sell to a non-black audience (the audience I believe this ad is selling to). The dove seems to contrast her lack of purity as a sex object.
I seriously wonder what the point of an ad like this is trying to make. Will I turn into this exotic sex object when I put on this perfume? Will someone please let me know?


I do a lot of research on perfume. I have a online perfume store. So i do much research in magazines and online. You should see some of the crazy perfume ads i run across. Some are so crazy. I wonder what the marketing people are thinking. Do they really think this works?