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Sisters & B*tches

When viewing “Sisters & B*tches� video clips from Beyond Beats and Rhymes, it was a very clear-cut perspective of how men really view women. From what I gathered, the comments made about the differences between sisters and b*tches were very contradictive to what men have said they want. As Ludacris artistically says in the hit “Yeah� with Usher: “We want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.� From my own personal understanding, sisters are the ladies in the streets. They are the ones that are supposed to be professional, smart, faithful, committed, and basically everything that is opposite of a slut. The b*tch is the one that men want to come home to at night and will fulfill their sexual fantasies. She is the one that may be very dumb, unprofessional, presumably a slut, dresses promiscuously, and may sleep around but she is the ideal woman that men want in their bed.

So given those definitions of what sisters and b*tches are, it’s hard to understand how men want both, but yet deny both. They want their woman to be two completely opposite personalities, when they seem to reject both. From the comments made on the documentary, they made it seem like sisters are too nice and more like your homegirl that you just kick it with, not someone you involve yourself with sexually. The b*tches are the girls that you just f*ck your brains out with but don’t involve yourself emotionally when it comes to relationships. That’s when you look to characteristics that sisters have. At one point in the video clip, the way they were treating the so-called b*tches they were practically sexually harassing them by going underneath skirts, grabbing girls’ butts, and coming at them like sexual predators. It not only showed how men use and take advantage of women, but also that the issue of male dominance in our society still exists. Women are still being treated as submissive beings to men.

In “Black Sexual Politics� by Patricia Collins, she examines and analyzes the history of both black men and women and the association made with hypersexuality. “The West African slave trade and Southern auction blocks treated both Black women’s and men’s bodies as objects for sale, yet women participated in sexual spectacles to a greater degree than did men, because Western ideas about women and femininity itself have long been more tightly wedded to ideas about women’s physical beauty and sexual attractiveness� (Collins, 321). These ideas and actions are still prevalent today in our society. Black women are still seen as sexual predators whose butts, breasts, and bodies are exposed as items for sale. They are the ultimate sexual package that every man wants.

It definitely revealed some truths that people don’t think about. Although I don’t consider myself a b*tch, I still need to re-examine how I dress and portray myself to others and realize that I am also sending a message to not only men but women as well.


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