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Target and Dora

Earlier this week I decided to go shopping for some toys. The idea was to pick up a toy for my 2 year old nephew, but instead I decided to look through the "million" aisles of girls dolls.
The first aisle that I came across was an entire lane of doll houses and all the fixings that go into a house. Including ironing boards, dishes and washers and dryers. I never used to think this was a big deal when I was little or even shopping for toys for my neice. I've actually bought her a doll that came with an iron and ironing board because I thought it was cute. The next 2 aisles or so were all dedicated to Barbi. This used to be my favorite aisle when I was little. All of the dolls were stocked along one side and the toys that go along with her are on the other.

However, what I paid attention to the most was the amount of Dora the Explorer toys that they had stocked. I have become familiar with Dora through my 3 year old neice who has become obsessed with her. Dora is a younger girl that goes on adventures and solves problems for friends. For example, in one episode she has to help her friend find his stuffed animals. All of the Dora toys are stocked from the floor to the top of the shelf. I noticed that the less expensive toys were on the shelves lowest to the floor and the more expensive items are near the top, primarily at eye level. What surprised me most about all of the Dora merchandise was the fact the little girls love her and she's not white. Shes spanish. She even teaches kids to speak spanish. I liked that there was a lot of merchandise for Dora and I like that little girls do look up to her. I asked my brother if my neice has ever asked why Dora is a different color and all he said is that she looks "pretty cuz she's darker". I interpreted this is a good sign that she would not pick a doll because of its color or not.
In a little section next to the Dora dolls is Doras cousin, Diego with his show Diego's Animal Rescue. He is older than Dora and he is more for boys. He is the same color of light brown like Dora and he also helps kids learn right and wrong and also a little spanish.