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The most interesting play - Vagina Monologues

I actually went to the Vagina Monologues on Friday, Feb. 16 at Macalester's Weyerhaeuser Chapel, as entertainment and a learning experience with some friends. We had all heard of it but had no idea what it entailed or what to expect. I didn't even think of doing it as an event until yesterday, when I had a hard time coming up with an idea with a fellow classmate. And then I thought.. Oh yes, I attended the Vagina Monologues...so here I am. Stunned..

This play has taught me that there are plenty of women out there that are comfortable with their vaginas. The word alone does not, as said in the play, need to sound like such a "dirty word" or a "medical term." There are many slang words used for vaginas that piss me off. I hate it when I hear the word "pussy" or "Cunt" but in the play it made women embrace and love the slang terms. In one part she was discussing how one woman did not like how she used the word "cunt" in her play previously, and so Ensler decided she would embrace the word. An example of this was "CA - cavern, clit, cute, come-closed..."Cu" curvy, under, up urge..."cun" soft and warm..."t" texture, take, tight, taste..." All of these make up the word cunt that was so hated before.

I enjoyed the play because it made women realize they can love their bodies. They can love their vaginas. It gave awareness to men and women alike that there are serious problems with abuse, with women over in rape camps that are getting raped in horrible ways. "Sticking their rifles up us, sticks.." The things discussed were both outrageous and funny and then serious.. and then seriously sad.

This one monologue made me hate men. It was about a man that wanted his wife to shave her vagina and she loved her hair. He cheated on her. She wouldn't shave. It made me saddened that women change their bodies because of a man's desire. We all want to be wanted, but a man should love you, black,red or blonde hair-down-there and all. If a women chooses to change that aspect of her vagina, to decorate it, to not dilute it with soft smells of roses, that is her choice.

I really felt for the 10-year-old girl who was raped by her father's drunk friend. how horrid to think that everything bad comes from your vagina. These women were strong, to let the world know how they felt about their vagina was amazing. There were stories that I would never think a person would admit, how it felt to be with a 24 year-old-women when you're 16.. and what that 24 year old women was thinking being sexual with a 16 year old. Than again, a positive experience came from this. The young girl now knows her vagina and knows how to be sexual with herself.

I think woman somehow learn since a young age, don't let anyone touch or see your vagina. Do not play with yourself. Boys masterbate, girls dont. I think the play really opened a lot of the audience's eyes when she described in detail being a sexual woman with a sexual vagina that wants to be loved, and touched and fondled in a deeply connecting way with a man or woman or the owner of the vagina (ie: yourself. )

It was an amazing story of this one man who loved looking at this woman's vagina - this woman who couldn't believe that this man just loved staring at something that sort of "smelled like fish' and in one part there was a joke about a man who passed a fish market and said "hows it going, ladies."

It taught women to not be afraid of a man (or woman) enjoying the sight of your vagina. That it is beautiful and yearning and wants the right kind of attention.

It also helped people I think that have had problems coming to terms with their past rapes, whether it be from being forced in a rape camp to being raped by your friend in college. It definitely raises awareness that these stories are true. Women are being faced with this all the time. Their abusive mothers that make them hate their vaginas to their male friends that take advantage of them to husbands cheating because of a hairy vagina. AND how dare the therapist suggest she "shave it for him." HORRID. I wanted to slap that man who would be such a "cock" to his wife and I wanted to smack some sense into the therapist who is supposed to be helping this woman not oppressing her more..as if her husband were in the RIGHT??

One last comment about sticking things up your vagina. The truth is, until the play, I never considered tampons as dry pieces of cotton that you stick up your vagina. It was asked "why not lubricate the cotton?" NO KIDDING! it's never a comfortable moment when you get your period, but I suppose these companies are thinking, --well she must be wet from her period - why lubricate the tampons!? --WELL I HOPE YOU COMPANIES WERE THERE AND TOOK NOTES> WE WANT COMFORTABLE TAMPONS!!

And doctor's offices... stop making it such a cold, horrible place to go. Just as the woman talking about her experiences with that awful place, it reminded me of previous pap smears and how much I hate going. I hate everything about it. My boyfriend once stole purple latex gloves thinking that it would sexy to "play doctor" one night... I thought there was nothing sexy about putting lube on your fingers in purple gloves that shouts memories of a previous visit to the doctor .with duck lips, cold stirrups and massaging your breasts...plus isn't it uncomfortable to have a strange person, that you pay to stick fingers and cold tools in your vagina? There has got to be another way.

If this play taught me anything, it was to embrace my body, love and be honest with my vagina, remember what other women are going through in our country and in many other countries that are forced into rape camps with soldiers abusing their bodies minute-by-minute.

These women and their vaginas are Gods. They are perfect. Their stories make a difference.