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The Scientific Community

Watching the documentary “Middlesexes? definitely provided some light on a confusing and often misunderstood topic, Middlesex. I thought the video was great, providing the viewer with many stories and situations ranging from across the globe and from varying time periods. Max’s story placed into perspective the oppression that he experienced in his life time. Max was constantly confused about his identity, trying to fit into a category created by western society, but never really finding it. Not only did he have to go through life feeling constantly confused, he was never told about being a male pseudo-hermaphrodite. It is hard to imagine that not too long ago, it was okay to withhold or hide medical information from a person. Max never got the choice to decide what he wanted to be, or where he wanted to fit.

The movie and the article by Kessler were very critical of doctors and the medical/scientific community. Kessler states, “Members of medical teams have standard practices for managing intersexuality, which rely ultimately on cultural understandings of gender. The process and guidelines by which decisions about gender (re)construction are made reveal the model for the social construction of gender generally.? (Kessler 56) I think this statement is completely reinforced by the way intersexed people are treated in the medical field. Take Max for an example, he was never informed of the decisions made by doctors (people that possibly had no real worry about where Max ended up 30 years down the road). The doctors just did what they had been taught in school when dealing with ambiguous genitalia.
Something that bothers me about this movie or even when just discussing intersexes and homosexuality is how the medical/scientific community is always brought in, justifying the way things are. It is like saying it is “okay? now if people are gay or intersexed, because we can show/track what is happening as they develop. I am pretty sure it was okay to be gay or intersexed before the scientific community could prove that being intersexed or gay is a “just biological mix-up?. I don’t think that we need science to say that being intersexed or gay is okay. The science is only pointing out that something went wrong, that it wasn’t supposed to be that way, but since it happens, we should accept it. I think that providing scientific answers will only open more doors to stereotypes and prejudices. Things are the way they are, there doesn't need to be an answer.