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The so called American Girl Doll

For this assignment, I decided to focus my analysis on the American Girl doll website. The homepage of the website are divided into many sub categories. Among the many categories is shopping and needless to say, it is the category that has been placed on top of the rest. The category link itself is placed on top of the page so that it is at perfect eye level. Once click on the shop link, you than will be directed to the main shopping page in which there are many other sub categories such as: Dolls, bookstore, clothing furniture, accessory, bath & body care, and party kits. Similar to the shopping link, the doll link is also the first link that is placed in front of the rest.

On the page, there are two images of girls holding their dolls smiled happily. One girl is African American and the other is Caucasian and they both are hugging joyfully onto their dolls that are of the same race. Furthermore, if click onto the dolls link, than there you will be presented with many options of dolls to buy. The first option is the historical character dolls that America Girl Company is so famous for. The next few are girls of the year, just like you and etc…
Overall, the way that America Girl website is arranged is very similar to as any other business that is trying to make a profit. They placed the items that are the most popular and the options that they want us as the consumers to take notice first before the rest. This American Girl brand and how its website is constructed have a huge influence on the classification of gender. What may look like just a website selling dolls for girls, it is in fact a blatant message supporting the very discriminatory idea of gender performance roles and race myths. For example: the colors that are represented on the page, the clothes that are worn on the dolls, the images of girls that are portrayed, they all emphasized on the stereotype that girls are kind, well behave, ladylike and weak. There are no images of girls behaving aggressively or dressing like tomboys. Also, another message that the website is enforcing is the idea of race separation. You don’t see an African girl holding a white doll or vice versa. Similarly, all the accessories for the dolls are created to fit into the doll’s race factor. For instance: you need to buy the “Mexican sleigh bed? for Mexican doll call “Josephine?. Overall, I was surprised to the result of my findings. Before, I thought dolls were just dolls and they were indeed a big part of my childhood. Nevertheless, to understand and really see beyond that surface of what the so call “dolls? are representing, I now have second thought about not only dolls but toy in general. Now I would seriously have to think twice before purchasing any toy and really be aware of what are advertising in the market.


Get a life already... As the old saying goes, "Tolerance breeds Indifference".

Are all of us Americans so totally inundated with the CNN attitude of Political Correctness that a simple toy company can't even sell a doll anymore?.. For chrissake... your comment makes me sick.

If you're still on the fence: grab your favorite earphones, head down to a Best Buy and ask to plug them into a Zune then an iPod and see which one sounds better to you, and which interface makes you smile more. Then you'll know which is right for you.