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They Should Wear What They Want

I found this clip of the African American men and women at Daytona Beach rather disturbing. While I think it is an important to discuss this issue, it was very difficult for me to watch. I was very torn when watching these clips because part of me was thinking how some of these women wanted the attention by dressing this way but another part told me that they can dress how they choose. It is warm weather and they are at the beach; they have every right to dress the way they want. I was recently on a beach in Malibu and I realized that I did not have to deal with sexual harassment like those women had to endure. I was able to walk along the beach in my bikini and feel comfortable. During the clip, not only did I feel bad for the women but I was also concerned with their safety.

I have never been in an environment like the one depicted in the film clip but it really mad me wonder … where did these men learn to behave like this? I think a lot of it has to do with the media and then encouragement from their peers. According to Patricia Hill Collins, author of “Black Sexual Politics? from Feminist Frontiers, “[M]en of African descent were also perceived to have excess sexual appetite …?(322). Also, “[M]en are far more likely to stare at and comment upon women’s breasts, buttocks, legs, face, and other body parts then are women to subject men’s bodies to this type of scrutiny.?(321). By having this mentality, it enables men to behave in this manner and think that there is nothing wrong. There is a clear double standard of sexuality because men are “cool? when then discuss their sexual desires but women are “sluts?. A good way to stop behavior like this (i.e. men yelling inappropriate comments, grabbing women, cornering women, etc.) is to change how men treat women in the media (i.e. music, film, television, music videos, etc.). Women should not be dehumanized in society and should feel safe.