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What else do you wear to the beach!?!

The video clip on the African American men harassing the women at Daytona Beach brought back some memories from last spring break. I was vacationing with a bunch of friends and their families for our ‘senior trip’ in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. My friend and I were lying by the pool tanning in our bikinis when we noticed a suspicious older Caucasian man across the pool by the bar taking pictures. We tried to forget about it, because everyone carries around their camera when vacationing, but when the camera began to only focus on us, is when we really became concerned.

I am usually very shy and can brush things off that bother me pretty easily, but in cases like this, I get extremely angry and will defiantly speak my mind. I walked up to the man and demanded to see his pictures, he tried to tell me he was taking pictures of the building, but I finally got him to show me, and the first picture that came up was a zoomed in shot of my chest down to my crotch, the next a full body shot of me walking up to him, the next my friend and I tanning, etc. I began to freak out on him and insisted he deleted them right away and bitched him out for being such a pervert! He then had the courage to say that he took a picture of the bar with a bunch of people in it and asked if I thought they’d like it if I deleted the picture of them too! I eventually got security to kick him out of the hotel premises.
This event seems much like the clip of Daytona Beach. It seems like women are looked at as objects, and are treated with no respect from a great deal of men. Men wear shorts, some even wear tight little speedos, to the beach with no shirt, and get no harassment from women, yet, if a woman wears a bikini to the beach, she’s stared at or gets degrading comments yelled at her. This reminded me of the article by McIntosh talking about male privilege, “Such privilege simply confers dominance, gives permission to control, because of one’s race or sex.? (Feminist Frontiers pg. 13) Men feel they have control and dominance over women and can treat them like objects while calling them names or taking pictures of them. The larger the group of men, the more frequent and more degrading the comments were. Maybe men are pressured to put on the act as the controlling male, but even if they are pressured, they should know better especially because most men in the video were adults. In the article, Black Sexual Politics, Collins states that, “ Like all women, Black women were objects to be seen, enjoyed, purchased, and used, primarily by White men with money? (Feminist Frontiers pg. 321). The Black women in this video clip were seen as objects by both black and white men and called Bitches and Hoes just because they were wearing skimpy clothing. The men got much enjoyment and quite a few laughs by disrespecting the women and it seemed like a game of who could find the biggest Hoe and who could harass her the most. I got extremely upset when they were also played with like toys, and were touched when the men lifted their skirts and took pictures and slapped their buttocks. I only wish that these women will soon get fed up with all this and retaliate and put men in their place!


that's a scary story! i'm glad that you confronted the man. there's a website where people "holla back at street harassers" http://hollabacknyc.blogspot.com/. you should put your story up there!